About us

Jukić-DAM is a construction company created from a small business space in Otok, Split-Dalmatia County. It is located in the Industrial Zone in Dicmo, where there is also a large sales center for construction materials. After two decades of personal development based on knowledge and experience, always accompanied by a great deal of modesty and responsibility that guided us towards our goal – the success of the small man, we can now boast of a construction company with over 250 professionals who, by investing in knowledge and adapting to rapid changes, guarantee success in the construction profession.

Our main activity is the construction of facade, plastering, and other finishing works in construction. During the intensive construction activity we mainly performed works on new residential and non-residential buildings, but, in the last few years, the company’s area of activity has focused more on energy renovation projects, where our knowledge, the fact that we exclusively work with high-quality, tested and certified materials, and our good cooperation with world-renowned material manufacturers, have, in the long run, generated the trust of our clients.

Our mission

When defining our goal, we set high criteria to provide high-quality service through complex teamwork, while emphasizing environmental awareness. Flexibility in an oscillating market is important to us, as well as satisfied investors, rewarded employees, and all to the satisfaction of the owners. In a short period of time, we ensure the execution of works with the desired level of quality of service, accompanied by inconspicuous and clean work, appropriate certificates of the manufacturer on the quality and origin of unused material with minimal interference in everyday life.

JUKIĆ-DAM, as a reliable company, employs the appropriate staff in creating our vision, which helps us become competitive and increases our productivity in the market. We recruit candidates with professional competencies from all parts of the world and, by expanding the range of activities of all professions we work in, we have created a successful company consisting of a wide network of highly qualified employees of all nationalities. We are open to a wide range of cooperation and, as for the candidates we employ who come from abroad, we do all the administrative work, collect all the necessary documentation from employees to obtain their work permits and visas. We organize the transport of employees to Croatia and organize accommodation for them so that they can assimilate into the new environment as soon as possible. In doing business and selecting candidates and employees, we are guided by the highest professional, moral, and ethical principles, as well as legal regulations.

Energy renovation of residential and non-residential buildings encompassing a large part of our business relate to:

1 Achieving customer satisfaction and creating additional value for their business processes through our projects and services,

2 Realization of advanced solutions recognizable by their content, quality, security, and adaptability,

3 Choosing modern and proven technology that ensures the quality, safety, simplicity, reliability, and functionality of our system,

4 Executing all projects on time, regardless of the complexity and scope of work,

5 Respecting the rules of the profession, the laws of the Republic of Croatia, and ethical principles in work, thus ensuring that business goals are achieved to the satisfaction of all involved: users, employees, and partners


Look at our projects to see that our choice of modern technology ensures the high-quality, safety, simplicity, reliability, and functionality of our system.